About Me

Hi I’m Sana, founder of Inaysar. I just wanted to share a little about what Inaysar is and how it was born. Hope you enjoy the read!

Inaysar  (pronounced “in – ay – sar),  albeit a new venture, is a concept that’s been with me for a very long time. My journey started about 8 years ago,  when I developed an allergy to a well known brand of products.  It left me unable to use virtually anything on my skin without developing a reaction.

I felt very self conscious, as my allergy was incredibly visible. Many, including the medical advice I received, recommended using aqueous cream, with the philosophy that if it’s safe for a baby, it should be fine for an adult. However, even this caused problems. It was then that I began researching as what it was that I could be allergic to. I spent months, analysing ingredients, seeing their origins, their purpose. It was a real eye opener!!!

The toxins that I had exposed myself to everyday, something most of us do, was unbelievable, something had to be done, a change had to be brought about. This is when I decided to make my own products to use, all natural, organic, and vegan. (Incidentally my allergy was to due petroleum based products and beeswax, so my products had to be natural ‘and’ vegan).

During this time I was also expecting my first child, and as many people do, I started looking for toiletries for my future baby. First on my list – baby oil. To my surprise… baby oil contains mineral oil. Now here is the important bit, mineral oil is ‘not’ mineral or natural! It is petroleum based, not natural at all. Imagine massaging the skin of my new born baby in a petroleum containing product!  So, this was another item added on to my list of things to make. Our skin is the largest and fastest growing organ, what we put on to it is important, especially on a baby.

This analysis continued with me looking into many items, from cleansers and toners, to hair oils and perfumes, the list was long.

8 years on,  I have created products that are free from chemicals and artificial fragrances, and are organic and vegan. Each ingredient of each product has been carefully researched, and then combined together for a purpose built final product. A lot of time and effort has gone into formulating and reformulating, until I was finally satisfied with the end result.

All of my products are created by hand, as quality is very important to me. Manufacturing by hand gives each of my products a personal touch. I love making new products and learning about new ingredients, being creative is my thing.

Why is organic important? It’s not just the end product that’s important, but also the way in which it is manufactured. Organic ingredients have not had any chemical pesticides used on them during the growing process, or any chemicals whilst being extracted.


INAYSAR is not just a business for me… it’s a way of life, a way of living naturally, healthily and passing this on to our children, our future….

I can honestly say…. my allergy became my passion…