Essential oils are naturally occurring oils. They are harvested from plants, flowers, herbs, leaves spices, grasses, fruits, barks, gums and resins .

Carrier Oils are oils in which essential oils can be diluted into before use. These uses include aromatherapy, massages and therapeutic. Please read our guidelines for each product for further information.

Yes, absolutely. All of our products are pure. We do not add anything in to our products. For example, our essentials oils are labelled 'Pure Essential Oil' which is exactly what they are - Pure.

Terms such as 'Essential Oil' or 'Aromatherapy Oil' can be misleading, as they may have been adulterated or diluted with other ingredients, sometimes synthetic ingredients which some people are allergic to. 

No. All our oils are either steam distilled or cold pressed. We do not use alcohol distilled oils.
Pressing using heat can damage the product and take away the goodness from the product, which is why we do not use heat pressing. 

Contrary to popular belief, there is no actual grading system for essential oils. Some companies have their own grading system, but these are merely their own grading systems. Some may even self certify their oils as being of a particular quality.

All our organic oils are 'Soil Association' certified organic. This is the highest standard possible with regards to organic essential oils.

Yes. unless stated otherwise - Our oils are first distilled. These oils are of the most potent type. Second distilled are weaker in strength, third distilled are even weaker and so on.

No, we do not use GMO’s in our products.

Please feel at ease when using Inaysar products as we do not test any products on animals. We also do not work with any manufacturers that do animal testing… we are accredited by BUAV – Cruelty Free International.