My allergy and my “miracle” Z5

Where do I even start with it… whilst using a well-known brand of product on my lips, I ended up with a terrible allergy. It was something I was using for quite a while and I have never had a problem before, until that one time…

My allergy was horrific, I couldn’t use anything on my lips, which then spread to the rest of my face…. I tried everything to calm my lips ( I won’t gross you out with the details of how bad things got).

I was at a stage where even talking or eating was painful. Something had to be done. I tried petroleum jelly (before my organic, vegan days) and it made it worse… I realised then that petroleum was not helping. I tried using plain olive oil – nothing. I tried so any things even plain water, but nothing helped even rubbing my own fingers would irritate my lips (combination of friction and bacteria on my fingers).

I even tried vegan lip balms in a jar and stick but again due to the friction of applying it by my fingers or rubbing the lip balm stick across my lips caused further irritation.

I then started my own research… of trial and error and I finally I found a combination of oils to help… I am now launching this “miracle” product as the Z5.

This product has enabled me to finally smile at my children, to eat without being in pain or having blood coming out of my lips.

All of the ingredients have been thoroughly researched, including the packaging, the roller ball glides across the lips – no friction, no using bacteria filled fingers.

I use this “miracle” product as a primer before applying any lip products (I still can’t wear lipstick as it irritates my lips). I also use it to further moisturise throughout the day. I use it on my children as its mild enough for them to use as I only use high quality, organic ingredients, I find it perfectly safe to use on my children.

I have given the Z5 to several members of my team, my friends and my family… they use it as a lip primer and then to use on top of lipsticks.. especially liquid lipsticks – matte ones as they do dry out lips.. but not anymore with the Z5. As the Z5 glides across the lips, it won’t interfere with your lipsticks, or matte liquid lipsticks. It will simply keep your lips incredibly soft.

As you can probably tell, I can carry on talking about Z5 for a really long time, but I shall leave you to try it out for yourself and I look forward to hearing your opinions…



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