Z4 – Superfood for your hair

The Z4 organic hair and beard mask is made with specially blended ingredients, of the highest quality, bringing you a hair mask that will leave your tresses feeling, soft, strong and glossy.

The Z4 is enriched with the finest organic, unrefined, cold pressed avocado oil, which is perfect for stronger, shinier, thicker and healthier hair.
Our Avocado oil is completely unrefined, it is the purest form available. It has a higher level of mono-saturated fatty acids than what even olive oil has, which can help to nourish, protect and strengthen hair strands.

The Z4 will protect your hair from daily environmental factors, weather changes and styling products. With powerful ingredients, like Carrot seed oil – known for being a natural source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene, which provides deep moisture to dry scalps.

The all powerful rosemary oil, a must in all hair-care products – known as being a stimulant in promoting hair growth.

Our high altitude, french lavender is calming and is great for stress related hair loss, it also helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp…

As with all of our products, we specially blend selected ingredients, that complement each other, bringing you a final purpose built product.

As well as using the right products, it is also so important to have a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. All of these factors also contribute to having strong, healthy, shiny and thicker looking hair.

We recommend using it before every hair wash.


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