Z1 Organic Foundation Serum (5ml Travel size)


A perfect way to take the serum with you…5ml travel size …

Now comes in a travel size bottle to take with you wherever you go.

Z1, an organic foundation serum with sebum controlling properties, perfect for all skin types, so that your face has a wonderful glow without looking greasy.

Z1 has a combination of 100% certified organic ingredients, so no nasties in there. It has hormonal balancing clary sage, calming lavender and oil controlling ylang ylang… providing a calming and soothing experience.

A drop or two mixed in to your foundation will help protect your skin from getting clogged, and will provide a glowing, dewy finish. You can also dot on your foundation and then add a drop or 2 of this oil on to a damp beauty sponge before blending the foundation on to your face. Alternatively you can use a foundation brush.

You can also apply a few drops to your face and neck as a moisturiser prior to applying any makeup.




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