My bad hair day… or year

Okay so here’s the blog I promised…

The bad hair day… actually try “The bad hair year…”

I never really had a problem with my hair through my younger years… all tame and relatively frizz free. Although there were some crazy days but overall not too bad.

Then I became pregnant with my first little one and my hair doubled in volume (or so it seemed). I loved the extra volume and thickness… my hair was soft and glossy. Loved it!!

And then the time came… after my daughter was born, my hair started falling out in clumps… it became dry, frizzy and unmanageable…I was scared to run a comb though it without feeling half of my hair was going to end up in the comb!!!

People told me it was hormones.. post pregnancy stuff… so I believed it for a few weeks, which then turned to a few months and then became just over a year… so I thought “it can’t possibly still be post pregnancy hormones”.

After having some knowledge about natural products at that time, I started experimenting and formulated and as my knowledge increased i reformulated to what we now know as the Z2… I used to do hot oil treatments at night with the Z2 and would wash it out in the morning… my hair smelt and felt amazing… with calming lavender in there I felt so relaxed the tea tree also helped to combat dandruff. No more nasty flakes!

I went through a similar patch after having my second daughter… but having 2 little ones there wasn’t always times to do hot oil treatments as sometimes I wouldn’t get a chance to wash my hair in the morning and had to wait until later on in the day (basically it was when I got some spare time).

I then made the Z4 hair mask… which I found I could keep in for 30 minutes and wash out… perfect for when I’m in a rush. I found I could put the Z4 in my hair… get the baby down for a nap (which took half an hour by the time I’ve finished nappy change, feeding etc..) and I could wash my hair and manage my time around my little ones..

My hair improved significantly… the condition, the growth… everything. The Z2 and Z4 helped me a lot to get things back to how they were… however busy things were.

Now my children are a little bit older, I like to alternate between the Z2 and Z4…

I did go through another crazy patch but thats another blog.. all i can say is the tqo products worked wonders for me.


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